The “Art Interviews” column is authored by The Beacon and published in installments. Each installment is titled "Ten People" and features interviews with practitioners in various fields of Chinese contemporary art.

1st Issue

The name list has been revised several times, with considerations from mainly four dimensions: Firstly, in this year, the discussion on gender issue in China has been reignited by several social events (Xuzhou chained woman incident, and Tangshan restaurant attack), so we changed the list from male-dominated to a 50/50 split between male and female; secondly, the interviewees of The Beacon must be true to themselves – staying true to oneself is the first principle of The Beacon's editorial approach; thirdly, the interviewees project a constant voice in the contemporary art world – a constant voice is a powerful presence; finally, due to the restrictions of the COVID-19 policies, it was not possible to conduct face-to-face interviews with all the interviewees, therefore most of them took the form of written responses. The initial questions to each interviewee were based on our observations and research on their works, therefore the questions could be heavily influenced by the editor’s personal understanding. In regard of this, we welcomed questions, discussions, and revisions from interviewees, and the final presentation became a result of two-way interaction.